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Full Stack Product Development

At Windpact, our team was approached by Phoenix Hipwear to create a solution to prevent fall-related hip injuries. Working closely with the client, we developed the "Shield," a custom design featuring Crash Cloud™ technology. These innovative cushions are specifically calibrated to provide maximum protection against injury while maintaining a comfortable, ergonomic fit and low profile. As impctLAB, we continue to support Phoenix Hipwear on a retainer basis, assisting with sales and distribution, factory sourcing, and marketing efforts.

In-House Prototyping

Thanks to our in-house prototyping capabilities, we were able to create a replicate hex pattern of Crash Clouds™ for testing purposes. This allowed us to optimize the material selection and performance of the design, ultimately leading to the final version. By using in-house prototyping, we were able to efficiently refine and perfect the Crash Cloud™ technology to Phoenix's specific needs.

Hex Proto pic 1.png
In-House R&D: Impact Data Collection & Analysis

During the development the team carefully tuned the Crash Cloud™ to meet the specific needs of the client's target market. By honing the foam and design choices, and analyzing the competitive landscape, the team was able to create a product that stood out in the industry. To further ensure the product's effectiveness, a thorough testing protocol was devised to compare the Crash Cloud™ technology against that of its competitors. The results of these tests were compiled into a comprehensive white paper and the slides presented here showcase these findings.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 9.45.04 AM.png
Digital Visualization: Marketing

The team progressed to the Digital Visualization Phase after completing product development. This phase involved creating digital assets to boost sales and engagement, such as photorealistic renderings and animations. These assets effectively showcased the product's features and benefits and demonstrated testing protocols and results. The Digital Visualization Phase was crucial in promoting the product and generating interest among potential customers.

PHX Crash Cloud Explosion_text_transparent_230104-01.png
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